A Few Thoughts About Johnny Manziel

I watched the Cotton Bowl last night between Oklahoma and Texas A&M. I was expecting a great game but it was anything but.
It was a beat down. An epic butt whooping.
While i was watching Johnny Manziel take apart the Sooners i thought back to that afternoon of November 10, 2012 at Bryant-Denney Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Johnny Football did pretty much the same thing to my Crimson Tide. Every since that game i have been trying to hate this kid.
Hell i’ll even admit to despising Johnny at some point. WHY? You might ask.
For one thing i didn’t think that he was any good. What was up with all the hype? Who the hell was paying any attention to the AGGIES anyway? Boy was i wrong about Johnny and his team.
Johnny Manziel proved to be the best player in the country (Heisman) and the Aggies can play with any team in the nation and
can beat any team they play.
The thing that i have been most impressed with is how poised and dignified Johnny Footb..all Heisman is for a 19 year old young
man. How many superstar athletes that you know that are so together and respectful at such a young age?
I saw an interview with Johnny’s parents so i’m thinking he had a pretty good upbringing.
Also i give a lot of credit to Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin. He is dignified and a leader of men.

Johnny Manziel has another 3 years at least left to terrorize the SEC and the rest of College Football. My Crimson Tide has to face
him and the Aggies a lot. That makes me mad and scared.
Even though i like the way Johnny Manziel carries himself i will always find a way to hate him when he squares off against The