Saint or Devil: The Two Sides of Ray Lewis

When Ray Lewis, linebacker for The Baltimore Ravens announced his retirement last Wednesday,everyone seemed to fall all over
themselves with tributes, accolades, and unmitigated praise.
Don’t get me wrong ; Ray Lewis was the best middle linebacker to play in the NFL. That’s my opinion. Okay?
Ray Lewis was/is a very flawed and cunning human being.
Am i the only one who remembers what went on down in Atlanta in the BuckHead section durning Super Bowl 35?
A double murder took place of which Ray Lewis was present and lied to law enforcement.

Ray Lewis was arrested. He stood trial and was eventually acquitted. No harm no foul. Case closed, right? Wrong!
That was the conclusion that Ray’s employers; the NFL and Baltimore Ravens came to.
Neither organization bothered to properly punish Lewis.Hefty fine? Probation? Seriously? Give me a break.
Ray Lewis has plenty of money and what good does probation do when you still have your freedom to come and go and do as
you please???

So Ray Lewis turned to the one thing that most folks (fools) always fall for: Religion. Yes. RayRay found God.
I will not get on my soapbox about religion but by Lewis turning to this old time honored remedy he was able to put that ugly
episode in the rearview mirror,make Pro Bowls, and make football pundits and gullible fans forget anything ever happened.
Ray Lewis sucker punched everyone and may have gotten away with murder…